Why did the science of eugenics make Louie question his self worth Why is this such a twisted gruesome philosophy?

Why did the science of eugenics make Louie question his self worth Why is this such a twisted gruesome philosophy?

Why did the science of eugenics make Louie question his self-worth? The science of eugenics made Louie question his self worth, because he wasn’t hitlers “perfect race.” This is such a gruesome philosophy, because if you weren’t the “perfect race” hitler would kill you. You just studied 10 terms!

Why does Louie reassess his destructive behavior?

Q. What causes Louie to reassess his destructive behavior? He saw his mother crying about his behavior.

Why do you think Phil felt so responsible for the crash Why do you think he said he’d never fly again?

Since he was the pilot, and a really good one, he felt like he could have done better and saved their lives. He doesn’t want to fly again because he blames himself and doesn’t want to hurt anyone else. They may have been killed if they did not escape.

What causes Louie to have a flashback when he first arrives home?

The flashback that Louie sees is the one of the Bird whipping his head. Louie tries to sleep when he gets home, and when he wakes up, Cynthia convinces Louie to go back to see Graham. Louie quits drinking and smoking, he patched up his marriage with his wife.

How much did Louie’s dad give him when he ran away?

The only hiccup in Louie’s betterment in this chapter is his attempt to run away. Though unsuccessful, this was a necessary developmental step for Louie. This journey prepares him for later experiences in his life. Right before Louie leaves, his mother offers him a sandwich and his father offers two dollars.

Why did Louie take up running?

as the world was descending into war, what was Louie up to? he was a track star at USC, determined to make a four minute mile, at the 1938 NCAA championships Louis was convinced he was ready to break that mark but runners had been instructed to stop Zamperini.

Who is the monster in unbroken?

Summary: Chapter 23, Monster This is Mutsuhiro Watanabe, whom Louie would later call “the Bird.” The Bird beats Louie the first day he meets him. Louie explains that the man had a special interest in destroying Louie.

What are Louie’s biggest fears?

Initially, Louis Zamperini’s greatest obstacle was his own mortality. During World War II, his entire focus was on surviving, and the odds continued to be against him.

Is Louie a hero in unbroken?

Louie is the hero of the story. He’s the guy who almost breaks the four-minute mile, gets swept up by World War II, shot down in the Pacific, punches sharks in the face, survives numerous POW camps, lives, goes home, marries, and finds God.

What did Louie steal after the race?

In a flashback to his early youth as a Italian-American boy in Torrance, California, Louie misbehaves by stealing, drinking liquor and smoking. He is often picked on by others for his Italian ethnicity. His brother Peter sees how fast Louie can run and decides to train him to be a runner.

What is the name of Louie’s sister who always snitches at him?

Sylvia, Louie’s sister, takes his disappearance hard too—she is often “wracked with anxiety” and “barely able to eat” (4.21.

Who holds the world record for running 1 mile?

Hicham El Guerrouj
The current world record for one mile is 3:43.13, set by Hicham El Guerrouj of Morocco in 1999.

Why was the Graf Zeppelin important in World War 1?

Acting either alone or in support of Kriegsmarine battleships, Graf Zeppelin could have threatened Britain’s commercial lifeline, and at the very least made the antisubmarine campaign considerably more complicated. The Royal Navy began converting ships into aircraft carriers before the end of World War I.

How big was the German aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin?

The Anglo-German Naval Agreement allotted roughly forty thousand tons to German carrier construction, and initially the Reich determined to construct two nineteen-thousand-ton ships (roughly the size of American, Japanese and British fleet carriers).

When was the Graf Zeppelin scuttled by the Soviets?

Graf Zeppelin was scuttled in 1945, raised by the Soviets, and sunk as a target in 1947. In the end, the need to develop operational experience with carriers may have posed the most difficult obstacle.