Why do file systems lack data independence?

Why do file systems lack data independence?

Data redundancy occurs when the same data are stored in multiple places unnecessarily. What is data independence, and why is it lacking in file systems? Data independence exists when you can change the data storage characteristics without impeding the program’s ability to access the data.

What is a characteristic of data independence?

Alternatively, data independence is the characteristics of a database system to change the schema at one level without having to change the schema at the next higher level. In other words, the application programs do not depend on any one particular physical representation or access technique.

When does data independence exist in a file system?

Data independence exists when changes to the data’s characteristics can be made without requiring changes to be made to the application associated with that data i.e. the data is independent of the application. Within a file system, each file of data requires its own application to organise the data. As a result file system lack data independence.

What happens if you don’t have data independence?

• If a workplace does not have data independence systems in place, files become inflexible and some information may become corrupt by other programs. Other programs will be prevented from being able to access the data when programs in the source code are processed and lack data independence.

Which is an innate function of data independence?

In many systems, data independence is an innate function related to the multiple components of the system; however, it is possible to keep data contained within a use application.

Which is characteristic of a file system can lead to it?

2. What is data redundancy, and which characteristics of the file system can lead to it? Data redundancy occurs when the same data is stored in two different locations unnecessarily.