Why do people say ni hao ma?

Why do people say ni hao ma?

Why was I taught “ni hao ma 你好吗” then? Because you asked for it. “How are you” is the most common way to greet people in English, therefore it’s natural for an English speaker to ask a Chinese how to say “how are you?” Well, literally translating “how are you” into Chinese is “ni hao ma”. You get what you ask for.

How do you reply to Ni hao ma?

But how you respond people when they say to you “Ni hao ma?” (how are you?); It is pretty easy, just say “Wo Hen Hao” (I am very good), Wo = I, Hen = Very, Hao = Good. Learn Chinese with CI-MSU at Chinese Chat Podcast.

Do people in China say ni hao ma?

To be honest Chinese people never say “ni hao ma”, regardless of the formality of the situation. If you want to ask how someone is, it’s more natural in informal situations to say 怎么样 (zen me yang) although this still isn’t commonly said by Chinese people amongst themselves.

What does Ni hao ma means?

The Chinese phrase “ni hao ma” can be translated to mean “How are you?” in English. This is a Mandarin Chinese phrase that, if translated literally, means, “You good?” If you drop the “ma” at the end, it is then used as a way to say “hello” to a person….

Is Ni Hao actually used?

| ní hǎo! Are rumored to only be used occasionally by Chinese people when they speak to non-Chinese people… because the locals know that’s what textbooks teach us. If you reply back with a 你好, you’ll still be understood so it is no worries… you just are going like a foreigner.

What xie xie means?

thank you
In most languages, one of the first and most important things you learn how to say is “thank you.” In English, “thank you” is a way of showing your appreciation and gratefulness towards someone. In Chinese culture, this is no different. This phrase in Mandarin is 谢谢 (xiè xie)! It’s such an important and useful phrase.

What xie xie ni means?

Chinese term or phrase: xie xie ni. English translation: thank you.

What is the difference between Ni Hao and Ni hao ma?

Ni hao means hello. Ni hao ma means ‘how are u? ‘ or ‘what’s up’. 你好means hello,for example: 你好,好久不见(hello, long time no see) 你好吗means how are you.

What does ni ne mean in Chinese?

This is often equivalent to saying “and …?”, “what about …?” or “how about …?” in English. Some examples: 你呢? Nǐ ne? And you?

What is hello in Cantonese?

哈囉 is “hello” with a Cantonese pronunciation. 哈囉,你好呀 (haa1 lo3,nei5 hou2 aa3), meaning “hello,” is usually used when you want to greet someone that you aren’t close with in a friendly way. It’s a more formal Cantonese greeting.

What is Jie Jie?

Jiejie is your elder sister.

What is Bu Yong Xie?

bu yong xie : You’re welcome,… : bù yòng xiè | Definition | Mandarin Chinese Pinyin English Dictionary | Yabla Chinese.