Why does Enfield refer to the building in which Hyde walked in the blackmail house?

Why does Enfield refer to the building in which Hyde walked in the blackmail house?

Enfield call the house, and why? He called it the blackmail house because the satanic man went into it and brought out another man’s check for the child’s family.

Where specifically do Utterson and Enfield encounter Jekyll?

Incident at the window
Utterson and Enfield see a sickly-looking Jekyll at his window and call out to him.

What do Mr Utterson and Mr Enfield encounter on their walk past the door?

Mr. Utterson and Mr. Enfield are taking one of their customary Sunday strolls and, by chance, their path takes them past “that door,” the door that they agreed never to speak of again.

What happened in Chapter 1 of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?

Chapter 1 – Story of the Door Utterson and Enfield are out for a walk when they pass a strange-looking door (the entrance to Dr Jekyll’s laboratory). Enfield recalls a story involving the door. In the early hours of one winter morning, he says, he saw a man trampling on a young girl.

What does Dr Jekyll’s will stipulate?

Jekyll’s will stipulate? After the death or prolonged absence (exceeding three months) of Dr. Jekyll, all of his assets will be given to Mr. Hyde.

How does Enfield describe Hyde?

Enfield describes Hyde as “deformed,” saying that he gives a “strong feeling of deformity,” though Enfield cannot say exactly how. Hyde’s physical appearance seems to elude description—except that he looks “extraordinary,” though indescribably so.

Why does Poole think Jekyll has been murdered?

8 – Why does Poole believe that his master has been murdered? He was locked in a room for days, so he thought he was killed. 8 – What is the evidence that a troubled person had lived in the room where Hyde was found dead?

What story did Mr Enfield tell?

Enfield tells Mr. Utterson about being on the streets late one evening and seeing a strange man trample a little girl. The strange man just kept going, but Mr. Enfield caught up with him and brought him back to where a crowd of the girl’s family and a doctor had gathered.

How old is Jekyll?

The protagonist of the play. As Jekyll, he is a fifty year old Doctor, fascinated by the workings of the human brain and intrigued by notes he has discovered in a book left by his late father, outlining a way by which a man may separate the two opposing elements of his personality.

Who is Mr Utterson’s friend in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?

One of Mr. Utterson ’s friends is Richard Enfield, with whom he takes regular Sunday walks. To see the pair walking together, one would think they had nothing in common, but they both claim to look forward to these walks. One day, they are walking and come to a particular busy by-street in London.

What did Mr Utterson and Mr Enfield do?

Tramps slouched into the recess and struck matches on the panels; the schoolboy had tried his knife on the mouldings; The door, and the building wall into which it was set under a greatly sinister thrusting gable, was a great point of contrast to the rest of the neighborhood.

What was the row of houses in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde?

A row of houses suggests privacy, anonymity, and family but the way this particular house juts out to meet them does not fit in with the appearance of the street. Utterson asks Enfield if he has ever noticed this door and Enfield says that he has, and that there is a strange story associated with it, which he proceeds to tell.

What was the name of the mysterious man in Enfield?

Throughout Enfield’s narrative, he does not name he mysterious man. Finally, Utterson asks the man’s name and Enfield reveals it was a Mr. Edward Hyde. Under a great “weight of consideration,” Utterson asks if the man used a key to get into the door. Enfield confirms this and the two men vow to never speak of the incident again.