Why does Father Paul change his mind?

Why does Father Paul change his mind?

He is upset because important Catholic rituals were not involved during the private traditional ceremony. Father Paul suddenly changes his mind when Leon insists that holy water isn’t needed and turns to leave, as he believes otherwise.

What is it that Father Paul is trying to understand?

He asks the family about him when he sees them, and they tell him that they found the old man and that everything is okay now. Father Paul takes that to mean that Teofilio is safe, but the family means that they will take care of his funeral.

What did Father Paul do at the end of the story?

Father Paul is the last person to join his parishioners in the graveyard, and as he empties ajar of holy water on Teofilo’s grave he, in a small way, joins the Native American community.

What does the Holy Water symbolize for Father Paul?

He felt good because it was finished, and he was happy about the sprinkling of the holy water; now the old man could send them big thunderclouds for sure. What does the holy water symbolize for Leon? It symbolizes his ties to the Catholic Church. It symbolizes his love and affection for Teofilo.

What does the holy water symbolize for Father Paul?

What does the father Paul want at the beginning of the play?

At first, he wishes to escape life by submerging himself in art. He wants to let art take him away, “blue league after blue league, away from everything.” Paul spends an entire night imagining what would happen if his father took him for a burglar and shot him.

What is the something that Father Paul is reminded of when the water disappears in the grave?

Drops of water fell on the red blanket and soaked into dark icy spots. He sprinkled the grave and the water disappeared almost before it touched the dim, cold sand; it reminded him of something—he tried to remember what it was, because he thought if he could remember he might understand this.

What does the Holy water symbolize?

Holy water, in Christianity, water that has been blessed by a member of the clergy and is used in baptism and to bless individuals, churches, homes, and articles of devotion. A natural symbol of purification, water has been used by religious peoples as a means of removing uncleanness, either ritual or moral.

What do Paul and Darry do in the Outsiders?

Paul and Darry then move counterclockwise in a circle under the light, and eye each other. They size each other up, and possibly remember old faults of theirs, wondering if they were still present.

Who is the blond guy in the Outsiders?

When Darry states that he would take on anyone, a blond man steps forward, and looks at him, while quietly greeting him. Darry greets him back, and Ponyboy hears Soda give a squeak, while realizing that the blonde is Paul Holden.

What do Leon and father Paul have in common?

Leon and Father Paul have some things in common: both sincerely believe in the rightness of their religious traditions and rituals. One believes in the Pueblo death rituals, and the other believes in the sanctification rituals of the Catholic Church.

What was Paul Holden’s expression in the Outsiders?

He then wonders if his expression was contempt, pity, hatred, or all three. He also wonders why – which he guesses is because Darry stands representing all three of them, and Paul only felt contempt, pity, and hate for greasers.