Why India is called a country with diversity class 6?

Why India is called a country with diversity class 6?

India is a land of varieties. Different parts of the country have different customs, languages, dresses and food habits. Also, India is a land of different languages. This shows that India is a diverse country and despite these differences, its people are united.

What does diversity mean in India?

Diversity means that each individual is unique having individual differences. India has always been a country with diversity. People belonging to different religions, cultural backgrounds, caste and regions have been living here in harmony for several centuries.

Is diversity the biggest strength of India?

We have a vast geographical diversity, many religions, languages, castes, creeds and cultures. But we appreciate and nurture these differences. This makes us unique. No other country in the world is as diverse as India is.

Which country is known as diversity?

AnSwEr:- India is called a diverse nation because India is full of diversity. Our India has diversity in land, religion, language, clothes, food, climate etc.

Who are the real strength of a country?

Answer: Strength of our country is unity, Federal government, No discrimination, Rights to every citizen.

Is diversity a symbol of strength?

Explanation: It’s a strength because you can get more specialization. If you get more people from different backgrounds then you’re going to get different skills.

Why is India the most diverse country in the world?

Diversity in India: 20 Amazing Reasons Why it is Diverse 1. So many States. To begin with, India is the largest democracy in the world. With the second-largest population, our… 2. Linguistic Diversity. Such a huge population, from so many different regions, does mean many languages. India has

How are we understanding diversity and its types?

This is how we are understanding diversity. The backgrounds such as religion, social status, and economic status cannot become barriers in making friends. Inequality comes only when a person does not have the resources and opportunities that are available to other persons. This led to the emergence of diversity.

Why is India known as land of many religions?

India is also known by the name of land of many religions. It is the birthplace of four major religions- Hinduism, Sikhism, Jainism and Buddhism.

How did the freedom movement in India work?

India’s freedom movement had thousands of people of different backgrounds in it. They worked together to decide joint actions, they went to jail together, and they found different ways to oppose the British. Even, India’s National anthem composed by Rabindranath Tagore expresses the unity of India.