Why is air a homogeneous mixture and not a compound?

Why is air a homogeneous mixture and not a compound?

Air is composed of several gases, but it appears uniform everywhere and its components cannot be distinguished from each other easily. Also, different components of air cannot be separated using simple, mechanical methods. This is why air is classified as a homogeneous mixture.

Why is classroom air a homogeneous mixture?

Class 9 Question Air is a homogeneous mixture, as it contains gaseous substances like oxygen , nitrogen and other gases present in small amounts uniformly distributed throughout it.

Why is air a homogeneous mixture of various gases?

Why is it said – (1)Air is a homogeneous mixture of various gases. First think what is homogeneous mixture? A homogeneous mixture is a mixture which contains a definite proportion of substances at every instance. Now move on to topic. Air is a homogeneous mixture of gases as gases present in it are in a definite proportion by volume.

Which is an example of a homogeneous mixture?

Ice is a homogeneous mixture since particles are distributed uniformly within it. In air, all gases would have a uniform composition. Therefore, the air is an example of homogeneous mixture. Heterogeneous mixture are those in which all the components are completely mixed and all the particles can be seen under a microscope.

Why is air considered to be a mixture?

Air is a mixture because in air there are many gases like nitrogen,oxygen etc. They are not chemicaly mixed. They show all properties of substance that were in air. air is a mixture of gases like carbon dioxide, oxygen, nitrogen and other gases. Click to see full answer.

Is the concentration of nitrogen and oxygen homogeneous?

Air is heterogeneous if you think practically. It is a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen, 2 etc. But the concentration of oxygen and 2 is not uniform everywhere. Polluted regions have more 2 while 2 (steam) concentration is more in tropical areas or sea sides. Unpolluted air, which is rare to find, however is homogeneous.