Why is Poseidon symbol a horse?

Why is Poseidon symbol a horse?

Both Poseidon and Athena wanted to be the patron god of the Greek city-state of Athens. Poseidon presented the horse, a valuable animal that could help in work, battle, and transportation (note that in some stories he presents a well of sea water instead of the horse).

How is Poseidon connected to horses?

When Poseidon desired Demeter, she asked Poseidon to create the world’s most beautiful animal in an attempt to cool off his advances. As a result, Poseidon created the first horse and also became the God of horses. By the time the horse was created, Poseidon’s passion for Demeter had waned.

What does Poseidon trident represent?

The personification of Great Britain, Britannia is depicted with the trident of Poseidon as a symbol of naval power.

Why is Poseidon associated with the trident?

These three giant sons of Gaia, imprisoned by Uranus, had given Poseidon and his brothers powerful tools in their fight against the Titans. Poseidon’s trident is usually thought to represent a fishing spear, denoting his position as the god of the sea.