Why was Jimmy Valentine put into prison?

Why was Jimmy Valentine put into prison?

Answer: jimmy put into jail because he was involved in Springfield job.

Is Jimmy Valentine a criminal?

Throughout “A Retrieved Reformation” O. Henry takes pains to show that, although Jimmy Valentine is a criminal, he is also a good-looking, intelligent, enterprising man with good taste in clothes, good manners, and possessing an engaging personality.

How much did Jimmy pay the blind man?

6. How much did Jimmy give to the blind man? Ans: Jimmy gave a quarter to the blind man.

What happened to Jimmy Valentine?

Jimmy Valentine is the alias of an infamous safe cracker who has just been sentenced to prison for four years for his crimes. He does not stay locked up for long, though, as he is released after ten months. When he is released, he packs his state of the art, custom robbery tools and commits several more robberies.

What kind of man is Jimmy Valentine?

Mental Characteristics: Jimmy Valentine is an intelligent and elegant man. Jimmy likes to have money, so he can be nicely dressed and buy what he wants. In order for Jimmy to get that money he needs to be intelligent. He knows how to keep police off his back so he doesn’t get caught.

What did the warden advice Jimmy Valentine?

As Jimmy is released from prison, the warden advises him to “brace up” and “make a man of himself,” claiming that Jimmy is “not a bad fellow at heart.” His advice to Jimmy implies that the ticket to the straight life is an honest profession, and through this O. Henry draws a direct parallel between morality and work.

Is Jimmy Valentine a good fighter?

He is a good fighter. Jimmy hides from the authorities for a year. Jimmy falls in love.

Why does Jimmy Valentine decide to crack the safe at Mr Adams Bank?

He wants to have a token of their love if he is arrested. He needs the rose to help him crack open the safe.