Can BAMS doctor open medical store?

Can BAMS doctor open medical store?

BAMS is a Pantone in ayurvedic system. So its quite not possible. To open n run medical stores you must have either d pharma or b pharma ( allopathy or ayurved). You will have to be registered also to run medical store.

Who can sell medicines in India?

42 of the Pharmacy Act is very clear. The dispensation of medicine can only be done by a qualified pharmacist and a medical practitioner for his own patients or with the general or special sanction of the State Government for the patients of another medical practitioner.

Do I need any license to sell Ayurvedic medicine?

The answer is Yes, You need some of the Drug license to sell Ayurvedic Medicines. You need the simple legal business registration and a current bank account to sell Ayurveda Products. Manufacturers have to take a prior license from the State Drug Controlling Authority for running an Ayurvedic Pharmacy.

Who can sell Ayurvedic medicine?

If you only wish to sell Ayurvedic products, then you will only require a retailer license. Both the online and offline sale of such drugs requires only this trade license. However, to acquire such a permit, the business needs first to register itself under the Companies Act.

Are BAMS doctors real doctors?

Those who have done B.A.M.S come under the category of Vaidya but not doctor. Doctor word, is given by the British for people who have done MBBS. Purpose of both of them is to cure a patient.

Can BAMS doctor give injection?

BAMS doctors were also found to be dependent on antibiotics, injections, gastrointestinal medications, vitamins and iron preparations, as compared to allopaths. About 57.2 per cent of BAMS doctors prescribed irrational fixed dose combinations, as against 28.6 per cent of MBBS doctors.

Can Doctor sell drugs India?

Schedule K of the Drugs and Cosmetics Act at present allows doctors to sell medicines to patients even without a drug licence or without billing patients separately for the medicines sold.

Can a dentist sell medicines in India?

It is not unethical for a Dental Surgeon to prescribe, supply or sell drugs, remedies or dental appliances in his clinic as long as there is no exploitation of the patients.

How do I get Ayush certified?

Apply for authorization for affixing the applicable Certification Mark on Ayush products for which you have been certified by the Certification body, in a prescribed format, which can be downloaded from the QCI website. Submit the application form duly filled to the QCI secretariat.

How do I get Ayush license?

The process of obtaining the AYUSH License

  1. Go to the individual state sites of AYUSH.
  2. Download the requisite form, attachments, list of documents which may include affidavits and other certification such as GMP and CoPP as the case may be.
  3. Apply for GMP and CoPP if applicable.

Can BAMS doctors use injection?

Can I do surgery after BAMS?

In BAMS you do learn surgery methods but you do not have a legal medical license to perform a surgery as a professional. The only surgery related action a BAMS learner professional can perform is only on Minor Cuts.