Has yet to or is yet to?

Has yet to or is yet to?

The preference is clear, but both are grammatical and there is no difference in meaning. “He has yet to receive an appointment” states that the person being referred to has not, at this point in time, “received an appointment”, but is expected to.

What does have yet to go mean?

Filters. Have yet to is defined as an activity, task, event or circumstance which has not occurred or which has not been done. An example of have yet to is when you mean to go to the store but haven’t gotten around to it yet. An example of have yet to is when you have never yet heard of an honest politician.

What does has yet to be seen mean?

used for saying that you cannot know yet if something will happen or be possible. It remains to be seen whether she’ll be fit enough to play in the finals.

What meaning of the best is yet to come?

Definition of the best is yet to come/be —used to say that good things have happened but that even better things will happen in the future Life is good now, but the best is yet to come.

Are yet to be submitted?

shall file an application for a bunch of other cool stuff.” – I’m not quite sure where to fit “yet to be submitted” (or a better alternative) into the sentence….English translation: the outstanding declarations.

English term or phrase: the yet-to-be-submitted declarations
Selected answer: the outstanding declarations

How do you use yet?

Yet used with the present perfect means ‘at any time up to now’. We use it to emphasise that we expect something to happen soon. Yet (in this context) is only used in negative sentences and questions. Have you finished your homework yet?

Is yet to do meaning?

used for saying that something has not happened or been done up to the present time, especially when you think it should have happened or been done. The Scottish Office has yet to make a formal announcement.

What mean the best is yet to come?

Is yet to be received meaning?

Or the present perfect to show that the lack of reception is ongoing: We have yet to receive the letter.

Are yet to be submitted meaning?

What is the difference between still and yet?

The main difference between still and yet is that still is mainly used in affirmative sentences whereas yet is used in negative sentences and interrogatives. In addition, differences can also be noticed in their usage and position in a sentence. However, still and yet can be used interchangeably in some instances. 2.

Is yet to come synonyms?

Synonyms for yet to come include future, later, following, ensuing, succeeding, subsequent, forthcoming, upcoming, to come and coming. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com!

What does the word yet mean?

“Yet” means -outstanding, remaining, to be realised, unfulfilled, until now. It can also mean, despite, on the other hand, alternatively. It is a matter of context. e.g.

What is a synonym for yet?

yet(adverb) up to the present time. “I have yet to see the results”; “details are yet to be worked out”. Synonyms: withal, thus far, so far, nonetheless, up to now, til now, still, until now, notwithstanding, however, all the same, nevertheless, hitherto, as yet, even, in time, heretofore, even so.