How does Aunt Alexandra develop?

How does Aunt Alexandra develop?

Aunt Alexandra, started off as a rude and bossy woman, but as she became closer to Atticus, Jem, and Scout, she changed into a more loving and compassionate person. In To Kill a Mockingbird, Aunt Alexandra is influenced by the Finches during her stay at their home.

Who is Alexandra in TKAM?

Alexandra Finch Hancock, otherwise known as Aunt Alexandra, is the formidable matriarch of the Finch family. She is the sister of Atticus Finch and aunt to Scout (the book’s narrator) and Jem. Aunt Alexandra lives at Finch’s Landing, the family homestead, with her husband Jimmy.

Why does Aunt Alexandra fit in so well in Maycomb?

Aunt Alexandra fits well into the world of the Maycomb women because of her ideas on family breeding and the proper handling of maids and other domestic help. Also, she loves to gossip, she dresses properly, and she is a gracious hostess at teas and family gatherings.

What does Aunt Alexandra look like?

Scout mentions that Aunt Alexandra’s body appeared to be a perfect hour-glass shape and describes her build as “formidable.” Aunt Alexandra is depicted as an austere woman, who is extremely self-possessed and callous. She is also portrayed as a no-nonsense woman, who seems to lack compassion and warmth.

Why does Aunt Alexandra visit?

Aunt Alexandra decides to come to stay with Atticus in order to provide help around the house during Tom Robinson’s trial and to instruct Scout in the ways of being a lady. She is an imposing figure, and Scout describes her as being like Mt. Everest: “She was cold and there.”

Is Aunt Alexandra a good parent?

Aunt Alexandra displays some positive character traits throughout the novel, which are similar to characteristics of good mothers. It is important to remember that Aunt Alexandra has the children’s best interest in mind. She values heritage, community service, and behaving respectfully.

What does Aunt Alexandra value?

As was mentioned in the previous post, Aunt Alexandra attempts to impart to the children a sense of admiration and respect for the Finch family name. According to Scout, Alexandra was obsessed with family heritage and wished to educate the children about their rich family history.

Does Aunt Alexandra fit into Maycomb society?

Aunt Alexandra, as Scout notes, fits perfectly into Maycomb society. Her prim and proper notions about how ladies ought to behave makes for much comedy between her and the rebellious, overall-wearing, tomboyish Scout. She is also disapproving of Scout’s mixing with people of lower class and with blacks.

Why does Aunt Alexandra not allow Calpurnia’s home?

Alexandra does not want Scout to visit Cal’s neighborhood because she is prejudiced regarding African Americans. Alexandra also believes Cal is a bad influence on Scout and feels the Finch family should distance itself from the African American community in the wake of the Tom Robinson trial.

Why does Aunt Alexandra want Calpurnia to leave?

In addition to this, Aunt Alexandra was upset that Scout and Jem had gone to church with Calpurnia. She also did not like that Scout wanted to visit Calpurnia at her house. Aunt Alexandra claimed that with her living at the Finch house, Calpurnia was no longer needed. She suggested letting her go.

Why does Aunt Alexandra think Scout dull?

Alexandra thinks Scout is “dull” (not clever). Because she doesn’t do things that a typical girl would do, and she thinks Scout is boring.

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