Is Gateway a good laptop company?

Is Gateway a good laptop company?

For $479 (originally $699), the Gateway offers solid performance, thanks to its 10th Gen Core i5 CPU, a colorful design, and a decent pair of speakers. However, its flimsy chassis, dull 14.1-inch display, cheap touchpad and short battery life all kill the value.

Is Gateway still a company?

The long-dormant, cow-spotted Gateway brand has been resurrected with a new line of laptops and tablets at Walmart, years after the once-dominant South Dakota-born company floundered and was acquired by Taiwan’s Acer in 2007.

Is Gateway a Walmart brand?

The iconic cow-spotted PC brand, Gateway, is making its big return, and Walmart is their exclusive retail partner for new lines of Gateway products, including laptops and tablets. They’re ergonomically engineered notebooks that offer great performance, connectivity and entertainment for computing on the go.

How much is a new Gateway computer?

The new Gateway laptop lineup

Model CPU Price
14.1″ FHD Ultra Slim GWTN141-2PR AMD Ryzen 3 3200U $350
15.6″ FHD Ultra Slim GWTN156-1BL Intel Core i5-1035G1 $500
15.6″ Creator Series GWTN156-2BK AMD Ryzen 5 4600H $800
15.6″ Creator Series GWTN156-3BK Intel Core i5-10300H $1000

Does Acer still own Gateway?

Acer, which acquired Gateway in 2007, is bringing back the brand to sell consumer-focused laptops in the US. The products will be sold exclusively through Walmart. If you were fond of Gateway PCs, well they’re back.

Who owns Gateway now?

Boardwalk Capital Holding Limited
Gateway, Inc./Parent organizations
In October 2007, Gateway was acquired by Taiwan-based Acer Inc., and the combined entities now comprise the third-largest PC company in the world.

Who owns the Gateway brand?

Acer Inc.
Gateway, Inc.

Formerly Gateway 2000 (1985–1998)
Products Desktops, laptops, servers, monitors
Revenue US$3.980 billion (2006)
Number of employees 2,000
Parent Acer Inc. (2007)

Is Gateway better than Acer?

Both of these are serviceable if cheap laptops, but the Gateway, despite being the less expensive model, will be the clear winner for most people. It’s more powerful, more repairable, more upgrade-able, and in our testing, a bit more reliable as well.

What kind of memory does a gateway 10.1 tablet have?

Gateway 10.1” Tablet, Quad Core, 32GB Storage, 2GB Memory, 0.3MP Front Camera, 2MP Rear Camera, USB-C, Sound ID, Android 10 Go Edition

What’s the price of a gateway tablet at Walmart?

Finally, Walmart is also selling two Gateway-branded Android tablets — an 8-incher for $69 and a 10-incher that Gateway says is $79 but is currently listed at $66.50. Both are powered by an A50 processor and come in black, purple, and blue. If you want to pick any of these up, you can order them from Walmart today.

Are there any Gateway laptops on the market?

Gateway, the major PC brand of the 1990s with the iconic cow-spotted logo, is back — well, kind of. Acer now owns the company and has decided to start selling Gateway-branded laptops again, exclusively at Walmart.

How much does a gateway ultra thin laptop cost?

As is often the case with Walmart-exclusive laptops, the main attraction is the price. On the most affordable end is the Gateway Ultra Thin series, which starts with a $179 11.6-inch laptop with an AMD A4, and spans up to a $499 15.6-inch model with a Core i5.