What angles are Coterminal with 3pi 2?

What angles are Coterminal with 3pi 2?

The resulting angle of π2 π 2 is positive and coterminal with −3π2 – 3 π 2 . Since π2 is in the first quadrant, the reference angle is π2 .

How do you find Coterminal angles?

Finding coterminal angles is as simple as adding or subtracting 360° or 2π to each angle, depending on whether the given angle is in degrees or radians. There are an infinite number of coterminal angles that can be found.

Are 3π 2 and Coterminal angles?

The trigonometric functional values of angles coterminal with 0, π/2 , π, and 3π/2 are the same as those above, and the trigonometric functional values repeat themselves (e.g., π and 3π are coterminal and sin (π) = sin (π + 2π) = sin (3π) = 0). This illustrates the fact that the trigonometric functions are periodic.

Which angles are Coterminal with each other?

Coterminal angles: are angles in standard position (angles with the initial side on the positive x-axis) that have a common terminal side. For example, the angles 30°, –330° and 390° are all coterminal (see figure 2.1 below).

What does 3pi 2 equal?

3pi/2 rad = 270°.

What is the reference angle for 120?

Reference angle for 120°: 60° (π / 3)

What is the Coterminal angle between 0 and 360?

Coterminal angle of 0°: 360°, 720°, -360°, -720° Coterminal angle of 1°: 361°, 721°, -359°, -719°

What is the Coterminal angle of 120?

For example, angles measuring 120° and – 240° are coterminal.

Is 3pi equal to pi?

Degrees and Radians

60 degrees pi/3 radians
90 degrees pi/2 radians
120 degrees 2pi/3 radians
135 degrees 3pi/4 radians

What is the Coterminal angle of?

The coterminal angles are the angles that have the same initial side and the same terminal sides. We determine the coterminal angle of a given angle by adding or subtracting 360° or 2π to it….Coterminal Angles.

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How to find an angle that is coterminal?

If the given an angle in radians (3.5 radians) then you need to convert it into degrees: Now you need to add 360 degrees to find an angle that will be coterminal with the original angle: Positive coterminal angle: 200.48+360 = 560.48 degrees.

Which is an angle that has the same initial and terminal sides?

Coterminal angles are those angles that share the same initial and terminal sides. Their angles are drawn in the standard position in a way that their initial sides will be on the positive x-axis and they will have the same terminal side like 110° and -250°. According to the coterminal definition:

What is the sin of a 30 degree angle?

A 30 degree angle has a sin of 0.5. This is because a 30–60–90 triangle has a ratio of opposite side over hypotenuse of 1/2. But 30 degrees converts to radians by multiplying by (pi/180). This means 30 x (pi/180) = pi/6. So that is where the 1st answer comes from.