What did Lord Shaftesbury campaign for?

What did Lord Shaftesbury campaign for?

Lord Shaftesbury was president of the Ragged School Union, which promoted the education of poor children. He believed that children were to be treated and educated well. Ragged Schools gave poor children some education for the first time. They were called Ragged Schools because many pupils had nothing to wear but rags.

In what ways did Lord Shaftesbury demonstrate his philanthropy?

Shaftesbury was heavily involved in reforming lunatic asylums in Britain helping to provide better care and treatment of the insane. He was also one of the key individuals responsible for bringing about reform of Britain’s factories, improving working conditions and limiting the length of the workday.

What did the Earl of Shaftesbury do?

The 7th Earl was a prominent politician, social reformer and philanthropist. He was known as the reforming Lord Shaftesbury in the 19th century, who fought for the abolition of slavery. His eldest son, the 8th Earl, sat as Member of Parliament for Kingston upon Hull and Cricklade.

What is the female version of an earl?

The female equivalent of an earl is a countess. One is Prince Edward’s wife, Sophie, who was given the title Countess of Wessex when they were married.

What is Anthony Ashley Cooper known for?

Anthony Ashley Cooper, 1st Earl of Shaftesbury PC (22 July 1621 – 21 January 1683; known as Anthony Ashley Cooper from 1621 to 1630, as Sir Anthony Ashley Cooper, 2nd Baronet from 1630 to 1661, and as The Lord Ashley from 1661 to 1672) was a prominent English politician during the Interregnum and the reign of King …

Who is the current Lord Shaftesbury?

Nicholas Edmund Anthony Ashley-Cooper
Nicholas Edmund Anthony Ashley-Cooper, 12th Earl of Shaftesbury, DL (born 3 June 1979), also known as Nick Ashley-Cooper or Nick Shaftesbury, is an English peer, landowner and philanthropist. He succeeded his brother as Earl of Shaftesbury in 2005. He also holds the subsidiary titles Baron Ashley and Baron Cooper.

Who is a famous Victorian?

Queen Victoria (1819-1901) This period over which she reigned was known as the Victorian Era. Victoria was the first monarch to make Buckingham Palace their main residence. Queen Victoria came to the throne at the young age of 18.

Who was Lord Shaftesbury and what did he do?

Lord Shaftesbury was a Christian and a reformer, shunning high office to work tirelessly, improving the lives of the poor. Anthony Ashley-Cooper, the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury, was a politician, philanthropist and social and industrial reformer in 19th century England.

What is the mission of Shaftesbury Homes and Arethusa?

The Shaftesbury Homes and Arethusa ( now Shaftesbury Young People) is one of the United Kingdom’s oldest charities that deal with children. It has been active since 1843. Its aim, written in its current mission statement, is to support young people in care and need to find their voice, to be healthy, to learn,…

Who is the founder of Shaftesbury Young People?

In 2006 it became Shaftesbury Young People. The organisation dates back to 1843 when solicitors clerk William Williams, who encountered a group of cold, dirty and rowdy London boys chained together and being transported to Australia. As a personal response to his horror, he opened a ragged school in the St Giles rookery.

Why did Lord Ashley want to build Shaftesbury Homes?

In June 1848, Lord Ashley made a speech in parliament proposing funds should be made available to assist suitable boys from ragged schools to emigrate to the colonies where they could easily find employment. This suggestion was enthusiastically supported by Williams and the Homes.