What did the Prince tell the bird about his heart and tears?

What did the Prince tell the bird about his heart and tears?

The Prince told the swallow that a little match girl was standing and crying in the square below. Her matches had fallen in the gutter and were all spoiled. Her father would beat her if she failed to take home some money. The swallow returned and told the blind prince that now he would never leave him.

What did Happy Prince have on his sword hilt?

Class 9 Question High above the city, on a tall column, stood the statue of the Happy Prince. He was gilded all over with thin leaves of fine gold, for eyes he had two bright sapphires, and a large red ruby glowed on his sword hilt.

What did the Happy Prince have instead of eyes?

Ans. The Happy Prince’s eyes were made of two bright sapphires. He gave one Sapphire to a playwright. He gave the other sapphire to a little match girl.

What did the Prince do to make the city happy?

The prince was very sad to see the ugliness and miseries of his city. He gave away all his precious stones and gold to make his people happy. The little swallow was precious because he sacrificed his trips to Egypt and showed kindness by carrying the Prince’s messages to the poor.

What made the prince cry?

The statue of the Happy Prince was weeping because when he had been alive, he had not known any sorrow. But after his statue had been erected, he was able to see all the ugliness and misery of the city, and even though he now had a heart of lead, he could still feel the pain, which made him cry.

Why did Happy Prince gave away all his assets?

To eradicate misery and sorrow from his city. Explanation: The Happy Prince was a very kind hearted Statue which wanted to remove all sorrow from his city. So he asked the Swallow to help him by taking away his assets and giving them to the poor of the city.

How did Prince and Swallow help the poor?

On Happy Prince’s request the swallow carried red ruby from his sword hilt to the poor seamstress who could not afford oranges for her sick son. 2. On Happy Prince’s behest, the swallow plucked an expensive sapphire from one of his eyes and carried it to the struggling playwright to help him financially.

Why does he call it Golden bedroom?

Answer: The bird alighted near the feel of the statue of the Happy Prince, which was gilded all over with thin leaves of fine gold. That is why he felt that he had got a ‘golden bedroom’ to sleep in. Just as the bird was about to sleep, he was disturbed by three tear drops that fell from the eyes of the statue.

What is the moral of the story Happy Prince?

The moral of the story is that we must help the poor and the needy. The prince set an example of this by giving his jewels to the poor. The swallow also proved to be a great example of love and sacrifice.

Why was the little swallow filled with pity?

answer ❤ the swallow filled with pity because the eyes of the happy prince were filled with tears and tears were running down his golden cheecks . his face was beautiful in moon light.

Is it necessary for a prince to have all good qualities?

Alexander never did what he said, Cesare never said what he did. Italian Proverb. Therefore it is unnecessary for a prince to have all the good qualities I have enumerated, but it is very necessary to appear to have them.

What happens at the end of the Happy Prince?

“It is a ridiculous attachment,” twittered the other Swallows; “she has no money, and far too many relations”; and indeed the river was quite full of Reeds. Then, when the autumn came they all flew away. After they had gone he felt lonely, and began to tire of his lady-love.

Who is the Prince of the present time?

One prince (*) of the present time, whom it is not well to name, never preaches anything else but peace and good faith, and to both he is most hostile, and either, if he had kept it, would have deprived him of reputation and kingdom many a time. (*) Ferdinand of Aragon.

What was the climate like in the Happy Prince?

The climate in the north of Europe is really dreadful. The Reed used to like the rain, but that was merely her selfishness.” Then another drop fell. “What is the use of a statue if it cannot keep the rain off?” he said; “I must look for a good chimney-pot,” and he determined to fly away.