What is a group of hundred sailors called?

What is a group of hundred sailors called?

The ship has a crew/deck of a hundred sailors. Explanation: Crew or deck are the collective nouns for a group of sailors on board a ship.

Is hundreds a collective noun?

Here are some more collective noun examples. As you see, collective nouns can consist of a few people or tens, hundreds or thousands of people: committee, jury, senate, company, audience, police, army.

What is the collective noun of hundred soldiers?

‘Army’ may be a collective noun for ‘soldiers. ‘ Other collective nouns could be used depending on the number of soldiers in the squad. Among the collective nouns for ‘soldiers’ are ‘business,’ ‘division,’ ‘draught,’ and ‘muster.

Is Navy a collective noun?

The following nouns are among the most common collective nouns….List of Collective Nouns.

Army Audience Band
Jury Navy Puble
Plethora School Society
Staff Team Troupe

What is a bunch of cows called?

Cattle. A herd or drove of cattle.

What is a group of puppies called?

You probably know that a group of wolves is called a pack, or that a group of puppies is called a litter, but there are many collective nouns for animals that are much less well-known, and frankly very strange.

What are the 20 examples of collective noun?

Here is most important 100 examples of collective nouns;

  • 1.a heap of rubbish. 2.a hedge of bushes.
  • 3.a library of books. 4.an outfit of clothes.
  • 5.an orchard of fruit trees. 6.a pack of cards.
  • 7.a packet of letters. 8.a pair of shoes.
  • 9.a quiver of arrows.
  • 11.a ream of paper.
  • 13.a set of clubs.
  • 15.a book of notes.

What are 5 collective nouns?

Collective nouns

  • People: board, choir, class, committee, family, group, jury, panel, staff.
  • Animals: flock, herd, pod, swarm.
  • Things: bunch, collection, fleet, flotilla, pack, set.

What is the collective noun of ships?

A crew is referred to the group of people working on the ship in coordination. A group of ships can be called fleet or armada. It is used for a single entity which includes a bunch of things, people or animals, here, ships.

What are the 10 examples of collective nouns?

Here are some examples of common collective nouns used for things:

  • A bouquet of flowers.
  • A bunch of flowers.
  • A fleet of ships.
  • A forest of trees.
  • A galaxy of stars.
  • A pack of cards.
  • A pack of lies.
  • A pair of shoes.

What is the collective noun of cloth?

Answer Expert Verified. The collective noun of clothes is suit. A collective noun is the one that is used to point out a group of things or people as a whole. For instance, herd, crowd, words of the group, bouquet are the common words that fall under the category of Collective noun.

What is the collective noun for group of soldiers?

One of the collective nouns for a group of soldiers is a Brigade”. The collective noun in a sentence is below. The brigade of soldiers are advancing toward the enemy base.

What are collective nouns?

In linguistics, a collective noun refers to a collection of things taken as a whole. Most collective nouns in everyday speech are mundane and not specific to just one kind, such as the word “group”, which is applied to “people” in phrase “a group of people”, but is also applied to “dogs” in the phrase “a group of dogs”.

What are the noun of sailors?

Noun . sailor (plural sailors) A person in the business of navigating ships or other vessels; Someone knowledgeable in the practical management of ships .

Can a collective noun be a common noun?

Many collective nouns are common nouns , but they can also be proper nouns when they are the name of a company or other organisation with more than one person, for example Microsoft. Here are some more examples of collective nouns that are proper nouns: