What is peer counseling?

What is peer counseling?

Peer counselors use their own stories in helping others develop hope and improve their lives. Adults, youth, parents or legal guardians can provide support to their families. Peer support can be provided in many other settings as well, such as consumer-run organizations and housing programs.

What does peer counseling teach you?

Peer counselors are trained in communication, listening skills, assertiveness, ethics of peer counseling, issues of confidentiality and breach of it, boundaries regarding helping others, and basic counseling skills. A peer counselor is also trained on when to refer the person to a professional counselor.

What is peer counseling 1 in high school?

Peer counseling 1 is a two semester (prerequisite screening) curriculum designed to develop and enhance the health, safety and well being of our students by focusing on peer education through a comprehensive program and curriculum that encompasses social and emotional skills and awareness, peer mediation, academic …

What is the role of a peer Counsellor?

Peer Counseling is a special program focusing on peers helping peers. the duty of a peer counselor is to mediate problems between students by helping them to find their answers.

What are the responsibilities of a peer counselor?

What will you learn in this unit?

  • Provide information or resources.
  • Make referrals to other types of services.
  • Assist with problem-solving.
  • Help people explore their options.
  • Assist with conflict resolution.
  • Provide constructive feedback.

What is the best way to find out if the food you are eating is healthy for you peer counseling?

What is the best way to find out if the food you are eating is healthy for you? Ask your doctor if she recommends you eat the product.

Why is peer Counselling important?

Through peer counselling, you will be offering pastoral care to vulnerable students and helping curtail potentially volatile situations. Additionally, it has been found that peer counsellors benefit a great deal through the exercise as they acquire useful life skills that transcends even beyond their life as students.

How does group counseling help with Girl Power?

(Sanders, 2007)‏ Group counseling has been effective in changing 5thgrade girls’ attitudes toward: zpersonal role options zhome zfamily responsibilities (Deutsch & Wolleat, 1981)‏ zMultimedia group counseling techniques successfully helped preadolescent girls deal with:

Why are peer relationships so important to teens?

This increased group cohesion is due to the changing quality of teens’ relationships. The increased vulnerability and emotional closeness of adolescent peer relationships require more trust; thus, there is a greater commitment and allegiance to their peer group.

What makes peer groups different from other peer groups?

Adolescent peer groups are quite a bit different from the typical circle of friends that are characteristic of younger children. For instance, adolescent peer groups are closer and more tightly knit. This increased group cohesion is due to the changing quality of teens’ relationships.

Who is the middle school counselor for girls?

Affirmation Necklaces – From Carol Miller, The Middle School Counselor. This has been one of the girls’ favorite activities. How about posting friendship rules, or having kids sign a friendship contract?