What is the minimum distance between Earth and Saturn?

What is the minimum distance between Earth and Saturn?

For the sake of simplicity, Saturn is 1.2 billion km, roughly 7 AU, from the Earth when the two are at their closest approach to one another.

How far is Saturn from Earth right now?

1,396,612,637 kilometers
Saturn Distance from Earth The distance of Saturn from Earth is currently 1,396,612,637 kilometers, equivalent to 9.335779 Astronomical Units. Light takes 1 hours, 17 minutes and 38.5983 seconds to travel from Saturn and arrive to us.

What is the distance between Earth and M?

Earth is on the inside track, and so it gets around more quickly. Sometimes it’s close to Mars, when it’s making a pass, and other times it’s far away, at the other side of the track. The minimum distance from the Earth to Mars is about 54.6 million kilometers. The farthest apart they can be is about 401 million km.

What is the minimum distance between Earth and Jupiter?

385 million miles
The least distance between Earth and Jupiter this year will be 385 million miles (619 million km). Why isn’t Jupiter closest to Earth on the day Earth goes between Jupiter and the sun? Opposition happens when Earth flies between an outer planet, like Jupiter, and the sun.

How far is the moon from Saturn?

11.5 million miles
At a mean distance of 11.5 million miles (18.4 million kilometers) from Saturn, the moon takes about 936 Earth days to complete one orbit.

What house is Saturn in right now?

Saturn Is Back In Aquarius After 26 Years — & Bringing Change Along With It.

How close is The Moon today?

388,473 kilometers
The distance of The Moon from Earth is currently 388,473 kilometers, equivalent to 0.002597 Astronomical Units.

How far are each planet from Earth?

What is the distance from Venus to earth?

Average Distance from Earth to kilometers and miles
Mercury 155 million km
Venus 170 million km
Mars 253 million km
Jupiter 787 million km

How far is the planet Saturn from Planet Earth?

The distance to Saturn from our planet is constantly changing as both of the planets travel through space. When the two are closest, they lie approximately 746 million miles (1.2 billion kilometers) apart, or eight times the distance between the Earth and the sun.

How big is Saturn compared to the Sun?

Like all of the planets, the massive gas giant Saturn travels in an ellipse rather than a circular path, and so its distance from the sun varies slightly over the course of its year. Saturn averages 886 million miles (1.4 billion km) from the sun, nine and a half times Earth’s average distance.

How far is each planet from the Sun?

How far is each planet from Earth? (Intermediate) Planet Average distance from Sun in AU Mercury 0.39 Venus 0.72 Earth 1.00 Mars 1.52

What’s the distance between the Moon and Earth?

Average Distance from Earth to: kilometers and miles: Moon: 384403 km (239,200 miles) Sun: 149.6 million km (93 million miles) Mercury: 155 million km: Venus: 170 million km: Mars: 253 million km: Jupiter: 787 million km: Saturn: 1.43 billion km: Uranus: 2.88 billion km: Nuptune: 4.5 billion km: Pluto: 6.09 billion km