When was Derham born?

May 2, 1762
James Derham/Date of birth
James Derham (May 2, 1762—1802?), also known as James Durham, was the first African American to formally practice medicine in the United States, though he never received an M.D. degree.

When did James Durham become a doctor?

Durham was owned by a number of doctors, ending up in New Orleans with a Scottish physician, who hired him in 1783 to perform medical services. When he was 21, he bought his freedom and went to New Orleans where he set up his own medical practice.

What did James Derham do?

James Derham was the first African American to practice medicine in the United States. Born in Philadelphia, Derham started life as a slave. He was owned by three doctors in the area. In one of the households he learned to read and write.

Where was James Durham born?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
James Derham/Place of birth

Who is Colonel James Durham?

Washington, D.C., U.S. James R. Durham (February 7, 1833 – August 6, 1904) was a Union Army officer during the American Civil War. He received the Medal of Honor for gallantry during the Second Battle of Winchester, Virginia on June 14, 1863.

Who was James Derham transferred to during the Revolutionary War?

Upon Dr. Kearsley’s death, Derham, then fifteen years old, was moved between several different masters before finally settling with Dr. George West, a surgeon for a British regiment during the American Revolutionary War. He was eventually transferred again, this time to New Orleans doctor Robert Dove.

When did James Derham leave his practice in New Orleans?

Derham’s final letter to Rush in 1802 is the last record of his existence. It is believed that after the Spanish authorities restricted Derham to treating throat diseases in 1801, Derham left his practice in New Orleans. W. E. B. Du Bois mentions Derham in his influential essay ” The Talented Tenth “:

Who was the owner of Dr.James Derham?

Derham was born into slavery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was owned by several doctors, and one of his owners, a physician named Dr. Bob Love, encouraged him to go into medicine. By working as a nurse, he purchased his freedom by 1786.