What construction company built the Sears Tower?

What construction company built the Sears Tower?

Skidmore, Owings and Merrill
The original vision for Willis Tower came to life in 1969 when Sears Roebuck and Company decided it needed a central office space for its 350,000 employees. Willis Tower’s was designed by architectural firm Skidmore, Owings and Merrill. After breaking ground in 1970, it took three years to complete the tower.

Who built the first skyscraper Sears Tower in Chicago?

As cities stretched further and further, architects realized they needed to start building up as well. Residents in the West Loop will be proud to know that the first skyscraper was designed by William LeBaron Jenney, a local architect.

What country owns the Sears Tower?

On August 13, 2012, United Airlines announced it would move its corporate headquarters from 77 West Wacker Drive to Willis Tower. In 2015, the Blackstone Group purchased the tower for a reported $1.3 billion, the highest price ever paid for a U.S. property outside of New York City.

What do they call the Sears Tower now?

In 1988, Sears Roebuck and Company sold and moved out of the building, but the Sears Tower name remained until 2009 when the building was renamed after the Willis Group, a London- based global insurance broker. Skydeck Chicago is the observation deck on the 103rd floor of the building.

How many elevators are in the Sears Tower?

Sears Tower is an attractive and modern office with a floor area of ​​418.64 square meters of which are rentable 353 961 m². The surface is divided into 110 apartments, 108 above ground, which is accessed with 104 elevators, 16 of which are double height. It was the first skyscraper in the world to incorporate this type of lifts.

Who designed the Sears Tower?

The Willis Tower (aka Sears Tower) in Chicago, Illinois. Commissioned by Sears, Roebuck and Company, it was designed by chief architect Bruce Graham and structural Engineer Fazlur Khan of Skidmore, Owings, & Merrill.

Where is the old Sears Tower in Chicago?

Sears Once Ruled The World From This Decaying Office Tower In Chicago The old Sears towers are just outside Chicago. The grounds are unkempt and deserted. The complex is located on Homan Avenue just outside Chicago. The old Sears headquarters hasn’t been occupied since 1974. The office is now totally falling apart.

How deep is the Sears Tower Foundation?

The foundation for the Sears tower is a massive cement structure that is 100 feet deep. In addition, the foundation is surrounded by 200 circular caissons, which are huge cement-filled cylinders bored an additional 100 feet below and set in solid bedrock.