Who won the 2011 Iditarod?

Who won the 2011 Iditarod?

John Baker
Final Standings

Place Name Prize Money
1 John Baker $50,400.00
2 Ramey Smyth $46,300.00
3 Hans Gatt $42,500.00
4 Dallas Seavey $38,900.00

Who won the 2010 Iditarod dog sled?

Lance Mackey
Final Standings

Place Name Prize Money
1 Lance Mackey $50,400.00
2 Hans Gatt $46,700.00
3 Jeff King $43,200.00
4 Ken Anderson $40,000.00

Who won the 2004 JR Iditarod race?

He began mushing in 1963. Mitch’s dad, Dan, ran the Iditarod in 1973, so he decided he wanted to run the Iditarod someday. After running eleven Iditarods, Mitch won the race in 2004.

Has anyone won the Iditarod 5 times?

Rick Swenson is the only five time winner of “The Last Great Race”, having won in 1977, 1979, 1981, 1982 and 1991. He is now the only person to win the Iditarod in three different decades, a record that will probably never be broken.

How old do you have to be to participate in the Jr. Iditarod?

The Junior Iditarod Sled Dog Race, or Jr. Iditarod, is a 148- to 158-mile (222 km) sled dog race for mushers between the ages of 14 through 17, which is patterned after the 1,150-mile Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race that is said to be 1,049 miles (1,688.2 km).

What year did the Jr. Iditarod begin?

It looked quite different than the Jr. Iditarod known today. In 1978, the first year of the junior race, there were two divisions of mushers. The senior division contestants, ages 15 to 17, ran 10 dogs for a distance of 40 miles including an overnight camping layover at Nine Mile Hill.

What was the largest number of mushers to finish in 2004?

The most to ever finish was in 2004 when 77-musher successfully made it to Nome.

How old do you have to be to race in the Jr. Iditarod?

When did the Jr Iditarod become a senior race?

In October 1987, the Jr. Iditarod officially became part of the Iditarod Trail Committee, which manages the senior race. ITC. Trail. The Jr. Iditarod race is designed as a long-distance race, as opposed to a “sprint, or speed race”, and is intended to help prepare younger mushers for the even longer Iditarod.

When does the Iditarod dog race start in 2020?

Iditarod Sled Dog Race. The 2020 Jr. Iditarod will begin at Knik Lake on Saturday, February 29, 2020. The mushers will travel, via Eagle Song Lodge, to the Yentna Station Roadhouse where they will have an eight hour layover.

Are there any women who have run the Iditarod?

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Where do you mail in entries for the Jr Iditarod?

Mushers will travel to Yentna Station Roadhouse where they will take a 10 hour layover and then return the next day to Willow, where the race will end. Entry paperwork may be mailed to Jr. Iditarod, PO Box 2965, Palmer, AK 99654. No entry fee will be charged for entries prior to December 1, 2020.